"You're too young to know what love is. You don't love me. You're infatuated with me." -- Sir Aric, The Prince's Knight

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Christmas--Less than a week away

With Christmas now looming very close, I've been focusing more on my actual job (in retail) than on my writing. Hopefully once January hits I'll be able to get back into my writing since I have a lot of in-progress works. I'm thinking about joining a romance writers' critique group on writing.com in January, so that should keep me focused on my own goals.

Upcoming works:
Fallen Angel--a free short story that will only be available to my Yahoo! Group subscribers. Sign up now if you wanna make sure you get the freebie right away. It's a prequel of sorts to Avery and the Devil, featuring the Devil (of course!).

Black Wolf--a werewolf short story that I'm working on for an anthology contest Samhain Publications is holding. As a young werewolf Brock has led a sheltered life, knowing better than to get close to anybody, until he meets Rissa, a woman that fits so naturally into his life that he thinks he might have found his mate.

The other things I'm working on now are novel-length works and are too far away from being finished, but I hope to get as much work done on them as possible within the next six months.