"You're too young to know what love is. You don't love me. You're infatuated with me." -- Sir Aric, The Prince's Knight

Monday, July 21, 2008

The Dark Knight

I didn't get a chance to post an entry on Friday because my brother came to town, and since he had to drive seven hours to visit me, he had my undivided attention for most of the weekend.

On Saturday night we went to see the new Batman movie. We have two theaters in town, a nice theater--very clean, nicely decorated--and a not so nice theater--dirty, sticky, boring. Unfortunately the movie, one of the biggest movies of the summer, somehow landed in the not so nice theater.

I thought the movie was very good. I'm not a huge Batman fan, but I like Heath Ledger, and I really wanted to see his performance in his final movie--I wasn't disappointed by the movie by any means, but I was disappointed by the whole movie-going experience. I used to love going to the theater, but now I only see an average of two movies a year in theaters, and I think The Dark Knight will probably be my last. For three tickets plus snacks it cost me nearly forty dollars for a night at the movies. Snack prices have just gotten completely out of control. It was $7 for a large popcorn. Last summer I went to see Pirates of the Caribbean 3 in the movie theater at the Mall of America and I thought their snacks were expensive. By comparison they weren't that bad, which is just crazy because everything at MoA is more expensive.

We have a pretty nice theater setup at home, so from now on we're just going to have to make do with that. I'd rather watch movies in the comfort of my living room anyway--I won't be spending $7 on a bag of popcorn anymore.